Raiders of the Reduced Aisle Crosses the Channel

After months of silence, slogging away to finish my studies, I’ve popped over to work in France for a little while and what better way to celebrate an arrival with our continental cousins than by visiting my nearest supermarket and having a good snoop.
I’m extremely lucky to have an excellent Lidl right by my place here in Paris and as I have previously reported it’s sometimes easy to consider Lidl as one great big reduced aisle. But my god do they go one better here in France. Now surely we all agree that French food is ruddy bloody delicious (save the fact that every vegetable is overcooked and covered in herby butter) well imagine how they trump us in the reduced aisle. And of course it’s all about style and quality over quantity here, so sure I only found 2 things which I had to hunt for but check out what they are:

"It may not be Wednesleydale but it's very nice cheese Gromit"

So, delicious cheese and then I found some amazing steak….there is no hope for healthy eating here.

Pavés Marinés: aka bloody deliciously herbed hunks of steak

And then for your pleasure and delight I present my reduced aisle antics and travels over the past few months:
  1. A trip to a smallish Liverpool Tesco shows how other Tescos aren’t pulling their weight…
  2. A long journey back down the M50 calls for a stop at a prolific service station….
  3. Frantic scenes at Cardiff Tesco Extra at 7pm feeding time – definite scenes of shoving
  4. The wonderfully mental reduced aisle witnessed throughout July in Crwys Road Co-Op

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Co-Op takes the biscuit for strangest array of reduced items including: shampoo, pasta and air freshner.


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