THE BIG EXPERIMENT:When’s Best to Stock Up? DAY 5 14:30

Bit of a disappointing day today for raiders, a mere 3 items in the aisle and the biggest crime of all; someone had put 3 sandwiches in there to fool us, that hadn’t even been reduced! That has to be one of my pet hates.

But here are the results of today’s 14:30 raid of Tesco Express on City Road:

Slim pickings today folks

Did we see something similar yesterday?

These sandwiches werent even reduced! Quiche Lorraine - £1.88 to £1.35 Saving of 53p


Total items found: 3
Breakdown: 0 Fresh Vegetables/Fruit, 0 Meat/Fish, 0 Side Dishes, 0 Ready Meals, 1 Baked Good, 0 Sandwiches, 0 Dairy/Yoghurt, 0 Inedible, 2 Drinks

  • 2 cans of Carling – £4.67 to £2.10 Saving of £2.57
  • 3 cans of Strongbow – £3.64 to £2.18 Saving of £1.46
  • Quiche Lorraine – £1.88 to £1.35 Saving of 53p

And I searched all around the shop but found nothing elsewhere.

Total potential saving: £4.56, not so bad considering the few items available.

You know, my hypothesis was going so well until today…I had predicted that the best time would be 14:30 as the number of items had been steadily going up since Monday but alas, I was disproved.

It seems to me like the reduced aisle today offered just enough for an afternoon in the park: beers and a quiche but not really enough to get this seasoned raider excited I’m afraid.

Let’s hope day 6 of the BIG EXPERIMENT will be worthy of the caps lock…


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