THE BIG EXPERIMENT:When’s Best to Stock Up? DAY 3 12:30pm

It was a veritable frenzy at the reduced aisle today at 12:30pm as I noted down a massive 25 different items on offer, some with sizeable reductions.

As I arrived, the aisle looked almost fit to burst:

Practically overflowing compared to recent days!

Look at it all!


Not only have we got almost a dozen sandwiches, but oodles of cakes and desserts – it brings me to question whether Tesco knows what people who are popping out from work need to get through the afternoon!

But as I then took a closer look round the shop I found even more stuff on the shelves (as I predicted at the start of the week):

Green grapes - £2.67 to £1.89 Saving of 78p

2 Sweetcorn Cobs - £1.95 to £1.39 Saving of 56p

Bananas - £1.29 to 95p Saving of 34p


Mopping my brow, I returned to the meat section for a final sweep when a man brandishing a trolley load of reduced items ready to be put out, brushed past me. I have to say, I nearly squealed – where would he put them?!
Some got squished at the back, some I obviously snapped up, and then he had to stand and wait for the crowd to empty the shelf in order to create more room.

Take note of the oodles of pies and scotch eggs that are waiting for their moment. Also notice the dream machine that created the little yellow stickers of joy and the 2 gents who are looking excitedly at the potential bargains.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a buzz around this reduced aisle as today. It’s only one tiny shelf but people were hovering and jostling like old biddies at a Daniel O’Donnelly concert.

Total items found: 25
Breakdown: 8 Fresh Vegetables/Fruit, 1 Meat/Fish, 3 Side Dishes, 2 Ready Meals, 7 Baked Goods, 4 Sandwiches

Found in the aisle:

  • Pineapple Chunks – £1.30 to 95p Saving of 35p
  • 4 Cookies and Cream Cupcakes – £1.82 to £1.19 Saving of 63p
  • Selection of 4 Cream Cakes – £2 to £1.35 Saving of 65p
  • Raspberry Swirl Cheesecake – £3.39 to £2.25 Saving of £1.14
  • 2 Strawberry Jam Doughnuts – £1.09 to 75p Saving of 34p
  • 2 Apple Turnovers – £1.13 to 75p Saving of 38p
  • Apple Crumble – £2.27 to £1.49 Saving of 78p
  • Finest Moroccan Couscous – £2.10 to £1.49 Saving of 61p
  • Cheese Salad – £1.25 to 89p Saving of 36p
  • Juicy Fruit Twist – £1.30 to 95p Saving of 35p
  • Roast Chicken Sandwich – £1.70 to £1.19 Saving of 51p
  • Tuna Sandwich – £1.35 to 95p Saving of 40p
  • Smoked Ham and Mustard Sandwich – £1.35 to 95p Saving of 40p
  • Hoisin Duck Wrap – £2.40 to £1.69 Saving of 71p

plus these added later:

  • King Prawns – £3 to £2.09 Saving of 91p
  • Tomato and Mozzarella Pasta Bake – £2.08 to £1.45 Saving of 63p
  • Scotch Eggs – £1.68 to £1.19 Saving of 49p
  • Pukka Steak Pie – £1.55 to £1.09 Saving of 46p
  • Chicken Tikka Massala and Rice – £3.20 to £2.25 Saving of 95p

and these found elsewhere in the shop:

  • Green Grapes – £2.67 to £1.89 Saving of 78p
  • Grape Selection – £2.38 to £1.69 Saving of 69p
  • Babycorn – £1.56 to £1.09 Saving of 47p
  • 2 Sweetcorn Cobs – £1.95 to £1.39 Saving of 56p
  • Bananas – £1.29 to 95p Saving of 34p
  • Cabbage – 76p to 55p Saving of 21p

Total potential saving: £14.10 a whopping number, reaching double figures!

The sheer volume of produce was astounding, I would estimate that in reality, forgetting duplicates, there was around 60 items reduced in store today – what a day!

Come back again tomorrow to see how I get on at 13:30 as the BIG EXPERIMENT goes post-lunch hour…

Also if anyone can think of a better way to categorize the food types, let me know as scotch eggs were really hard to place with the current system!


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