THE BIG EXPERIMENT:When’s Best to Stock Up? DAY 2 11:30am

So it’s day 2 in my experiment to find out when is the most fruitful time to visit the reduced aisle.

11:30 arrived and with an excited hop in my step, off I popped to Tesco Express on City Road, this time accompanied by my trusty sidekick and companion in the art of looking dodgy in supermarkets: Momma Samways.

A number of people have asked me whether I get funny looks walking into Tesco with a notepad and start taking photos. In all honesty, the answer is no. I think they’re just worried I’m from the council, or worse one of those secret customer agencies but anyway today’s results were as follows:

Huzzah, some items to be found!

So, in the aisle I found 2 small loaves (is that the right word?!) of Soreen reduced from 82p to 55p. That’s a saving of 27p.

As with yesterday, my quest did not end here as the worrying trend continues of ditching the reduced aisle and choosing to make us hunt for things on the original shelves.

Here’s what joint forces between mama and daughter Samways found with their beady little tiny, bargain-hunting, scavvy eyes…

Tesco's Finest Pizza - £3.98 to £2.79 Saving of £1.19

2 Varieties of Sausage Rolls: with pickle or spicy pepperami, both - £1.49 to £1.05 Saving of 44p and both REGULARS in the REDUCED AISLE

Debbie and Andrew's Sausages - £2.68 to £1.89 Saving of 79p

Total items found: 5
Breakdown: 0 Fresh Vegetables, 1 Meat, 0 Side Dishes, 1 Ready Meals, 3 Baked Goods
Total potential saving: £3.13, fewer items gathered then yesterday but a larger saving, especially on that pizza.

Come back again tomorrow to see how I get on at 12:30 pm as the BIG EXPERIMENT enters the afternoon…


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