THE BIG EXPERIMENT:When’s Best to Stock Up? DAY 1 10:30am

With a little time on my hands it’s now time to launch the largest and most scientific experiment I have ever undertaken that didn’t involve visking tubing and cylinders of potato.

Over the next week, I am going to be visiting my local Tesco Express on City Road at different times throughout the day so I can definitively decide what time is best to try and bag a bargain from the celebrated reduced aisle.

The method shall be as follows:

  • Make notes and pictures of all items found to be reduced.
  • Make the visits an hour later each day, starting from 10:30am.
  • If there are more than one of the same thing, only note one of each.
  • Categorize each item as to its foodtype.
  • Make a note of the price, the original price and therefore, the saving. 
  • Reserve the right to eat whatever you find!

Then at the end of the week, I’m going to have a good old faff about on Excel and see if I can come up with some fancy looking science to reveal THE optimum time.

No experiment can start, however, without a hypothesis and I think it’s going to be fun anyway to predict how this is going to go…so…

I wager that the most lucrative time of day to look for items in the reduced aisle will be found to be 2:30pm and that the most common foodtype will be of the “ready meal” category. I will add to this that more items will be available at 2:30pm but that the biggest savings will be made at the latest time in the day.

And today was DAY 1.

So, at 10:30am off I trundled and here’s what I found:

Absolutely nothing.

But, I did not give up there. As I recently reported, there’s been a worrying new trend of late, in various supermarkets, of not putting reduced items in their dedicated aisle. Instead, you have to hunt along all the aisles of fresh produce separately to find them. And this morning certainly proved that as I found a wealth of things on the shelves rather than in the aisle:

Total items found: 6
Breakdown: 1 Fresh Vegetables, 1 Meat, 2 Side Dishes, 2 Ready Meals, 0 Baked Goods
Total potential saving: £2.76

Come back again tomorrow to see how I get on at 11:30 am as the BIG EXPERIMENT continues…

Finest Chunky Coleslaw - £1.04 to 75p Saving of 29p

Asparagus - £1.50 to £1.05 Saving of 45p

4 Chicken Kievs - £2 to £1.39 Saving of 61p

Onion Bhajis - £1 to 69p Saving of 31p

Chicken and Broccoli Pie - £2 to £1.39 Saving of 61p - VERY WELL HIDDEN BUT NOT WELL ENOUGH!

Lasagne - £1.74 to £1.25 Saving of 49p ALSO VERY WELL HIDDEN


3 responses

  1. Interesting experiment. I’m not sure whether it was on your blog but I do remember reading a similar post about the number of reductions being linked to the day and the time. I made the comment then that it was on a Sunday afternoon and I still think that is right. My father always buys reduced sandwiches at this time because the food is gotten rid of at the end of the week.

    • Hi Princesayasmine, I agree, Sunday could prove to be an interesting one seeing as supermarkets close earlier on Sundays and so are getting rid of stock as you said. We shall have to wait and see!

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