Cheap Smoothie Recipe for a Smooth New You

Strawberries, blackberries and blueberries £5 total from Tesco

I really am starting to get the idea that Tesco know exactly what I want at all times of the year. Case in point: currently trying to eat more healthily and they put an awesome deal on fruit which make delicious smoothies. They’ve got a 3 for £5 or 2 for £4 deal on fruits such as strawberries and the much under-rated blueberry. According to the blueberry has “The highest antioxidant capacity of all fresh fruit”. Not just that, it also has the following special power:

“Aid in reducing Belly Fat: A new University of Michigan Cardiovascular Center study suggests that blueberries may help reduce belly fat and risk factors for cardiovascular disease and metabolic syndrome.”


Now, I’m not one who finds fruit particularly tasty or hunger-satisfying but I do find that put into a smoothie format, I can definitely manage to gulp down quite a lot and even enjoy it.

So with that in mind, I knocked up a blueberry and strawberry smoothie and this is all you need to do the same:

No ketchup required.

Don’t worry too much about the tomato ketchup, you definitely won’t be needing that for this.

I’ve discovered that personally I much prefer smoothies that have milk in them rather than yoghurt or fruit juice but it’s worth experimenting to see what you like.

I also 9 times out of 10 make “breakfast smoothies” which as far as I am aware just means they have oats in them but it makes them much more filling and indeed tastier I reckon, just try not to focus on the whole this-is-cold-porridge aspect.

So I used 4 strawberries, about 20 blueberries, a handful of oats and a couple of dollops of honey. Honey isn’t a must, especially when you’re using strawberries which are almost sweet enough but if you’re like me, it’s a nice incentive to be having all that fuit alongside!

This is how it looked before I then added the milk.

I suggest then to add enough milk to just cover the ingredients you’ve already put in.

TOP TIP: It also helps when you’re blending if you’ve chopped the fruit as small as you possibly can before you pop it in the blender.

So blend it for up to 2 minutes depending on the speed and awesome power of your blender. If all else fails wait for it to go a lovely lilac-purple colour, which Grazia’s Christmas issue reliably informs me is going to be the colour highlights we shall be putting in our hair this year. Interesting.

Back to food though and what you have made will most likely look like this or even better:

The finished product - one actually delicious strawberry and blueberry breakfast smoothie. Enjoy!


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