Reduced-Price Wine: Eh?

The label to prove it, what a bargain!

As a firm fan of the reduced aisle and a self-titled expert of the delights it beholds, imagine my surprise when a friend of mine presented me with a bottle of reduced wine from a local supermarket.

I bet you’re thinking the same as I did – how is that possible? Surely wine gets better with age and at a supermarket you’re very unlikely to get a bottle of wine that is so old it is past its sell-by date. Well, apparently not.

The supermarket in question is Co-op (as you can probably tell from the label no doubt) and the wine had been reduced from £3.99 to £2.

My thought is that this is great news for reduced-aisle fans everywhere – this is almost proof that supermarkets will reduce stuff, even if its not on its sell-by date. Reasons could be overstocking, poor sales on that particular line etc but as far as I’m concerned, I am just delighted that wine has finally been added to the list of things that can be reduced.

I am definitely going to keep my eyes peeled for this new addition to the aisle of dreams. Get raiding guys!

Many thanks to Tara Weir, Cardiff, for her pioneering wine-drinking habits. Good on you.

Reduced White Wine from Co-op


3 responses

  1. Imagine my suprise that on trying this Twitter malarky for the very first time, I come accross such a humerous and enlightening, is it called “BLOG” and I was only searching for Robbie Savage!!!!!!
    I’m going to try Deli Rouge Cardiff as I’m only up the road in Newport.
    Regards, Ian.

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