Deli Rouge Cardiff, European Food at its Best

I have been a fan of this quaint little deli for quite a while and the picture you see here is exactly why. This sandwich is one of many combinations I have found at this little place that just work.
Take a look closer if you will and you will see pastrami (with that added peppery stuff round the outside), chilli cheddar, green pesto, salad veg and the absolute sandwich maker that is a good handful of sunblushed tomatoes.

Their menu is full of little delights just like this. What makes this deli all-the-more amazing for the Saturday afternoon sandwich is that they take a lot of time over what many people forget about the sandwich – carefully selected bread. It is just all perfect at this place.

But of course, what interests me is can this deli-come-restaurant-come-awesome-hang-out offer us some reduced goods….yes! It’s even perfect in this respect. There is a little basket of reduced goods just as you walk in. Admittedly, you’re not going to get the same reductions as you may do in some supermarkets but you do get much friendlier service and you don’t get too many homemade jams from the “Express Local Hyper-Mart” as you do here.

More so than that, the place has a real country feel to it, with shelves full of exotic items. In a way it could be said to be similar to Lidl in this respect but I find it much more country kitchen. Have a look for yourself…



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